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Ultrasonic parking sensors detect obstacles behind you to aid your parking and enable you to get into those tight spots confidently, and without risking expensive damage to your vehicle.
Buckley Towbars Aberdeen supply and fit Backscan Ultrasonic Reversing Sensors , which are specially designed to function with towbars. Backscan Ultrasonic Reversing Sensors feature 'Dynamic Scanning Memory' (DSM) : a unique and patented feature that prevents 'False alarms' from towbars, towbar mounted bike racks and other accessories that intrude into the sensor's detection zone.

reverse parking sensors

Ultrasonic Reverse Parking Sensors at Buckley Towbars Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Ultrasonic Reverse Parking Sensors at Buckley Towbars Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Features:
  • Flush-mount,slimline sensors
  • Dynamic Scanning Memory
  • Warning buzzer
  • Fully waterproof sensors (IP68)
  • Flexable attachment to the load bar
  • CE and 'e' approved
  • RoHS Compliant

Buckley Towbars range of Backscan parking sensors are suitable for most vehicle types including cars, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, mobile plant and refuse vehicles. Using proven ultrasonic technology BACKSCAN parking sensors inform the driver of the distance between the vehicle and any obstacle at the rear. As soon as the reverse gear is engaged the parking sensors start scanning the rear of the vehicle and gives a 3 stage audible and visual warning to the driver...